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Elmo cupcakes

Violet will probably figure out soon enough that if she sweetly asks her dad for something, she will more often than not get it. Here she is asking her dad for an Elmo cupcake. And here she is devouring said … Continue reading

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Primary Songs

Violet was on a roll tonight with the primary songs. And here’s part two if you want more:

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And the doctor said…

I try not to hijack this blog too often, since I’m sure most of you would prefer to hear from Jen, but occasionally I have something worth sharing. So Violet has entered the “terrible twos”. Yesterday, I had to carry … Continue reading

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Teeter Totter

Jen thinks this song is weird and is probably upset that I taught it to our daughter. Now that I consider it in my “adulthood” she’s probably right. But does anyone else know this song? We used to sing it … Continue reading

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Jump inside the castle

The Easter egg hunt we went to today had a jumping castle. There was no real reason to look for eggs after Violet saw this. (Thanks Aunt Cait for going in with her. It got a little scary in there.)

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