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Simon’s Birth

So I have a few minutes, both kids are napping. Which is no small thing I thought I’d briefly recap Simon’s birth story. He was born on Collin’s birthday which is fun. What a great birthday present, a baby! Definitely … Continue reading

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38 weeks

So here I am these days…Check out that belly, kaboom! I definitely look like I swallowed a watermellon I love looking at other pregnant mamas and how everyone carries so differently. I definitely have some good genes on my side. … Continue reading

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30 weeks

And only 10 more (maybe 11 for good measure) to go. I can’t believe it. How am I 75% finished with this pregnancy? It has flown by. Seriously. Violet’s incubation seemed to slow to a crawl and I found myself … Continue reading

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It’s a…

Well, any guesses?… Ok fine. It’s a boy. No doubt about it. He was pretty proud to proclaim his gender to us this morning. I won’t say I told you so but I kinda did Call it mother’s intuition or … Continue reading

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Half way

I’m 20 weeks along which means i’m officially half way through this pregnancy. Maybe it’s just me but the first half flew by! I remember being at the half way mark with Violet and feeling like I couldn’t possibly wait … Continue reading

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