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Happy Memorial Day!

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When it rains it pours

Does it ever! Last week was a complete washout. Literally. I was starting to wonder if NY had been mysteriously relocated to the pacific northwest. But thankfully the sun came out all day Saturday and we were able to get … Continue reading

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we heart playgrounds

Clockwise from top left: Pier 6, Gantry Plaza State Park, Heckscher Playground, Tompkins Square Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park Playground, Hester Street Playground (Photo: Roxanne Behr (Pier 6, Heckscher, Hester); Jhoanna S. Robledo/New York Magazine (Gantry, Tompkins, Brooklyn Bridge) ) If … Continue reading

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“Mom’s are great. Mom’s are better then chocolate cake”

The above quote is taken from an episode of one of Violet’s favorite shows on PBS The Cat in the Hat. It’s the most annoying episode and song on the planet. I’m serious. It goes like this: “This is a … Continue reading

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It’s a…

Well, any guesses?… Ok fine. It’s a boy. No doubt about it. He was pretty proud to proclaim his gender to us this morning. I won’t say I told you so but I kinda did Call it mother’s intuition or … Continue reading

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