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Simon Collin Bennion

Our boy was born at 2:42pm on September 23rd, a nice birthday present for his dad right? He was a big guy, 8 pounds, 9 ounces and 21 inches. Who knew I has such a big kid inside me. We’re … Continue reading

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my new addiction

This is what’s been distracting me from dusting every inch of my apartment this week. I love, love, love my new Kindle! Collin bought one for me for my birthday and it’s the greatest device. Seriously, if you don’t have … Continue reading

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Sold Out…

Is apparently what happens when you don’t get to Target to wait in line at 4:30am. And it’s just as bad online. None of the items above are available anymore. Sad. I’m a pretty big fan of Missoni but obviously … Continue reading

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38 weeks

So here I am these days…Check out that belly, kaboom! I definitely look like I swallowed a watermellon I love looking at other pregnant mamas and how everyone carries so differently. I definitely have some good genes on my side. … Continue reading

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Kids Fall Fashions

So even though I’m shedding a tear as I type that summer is on its way out, boo! I’m getting excited to shop for some new clothes for my best girl. Look at these cute outfits from┬áH & M. I … Continue reading

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