Kids Fall Fashions

So even though I’m shedding a tear as I type that summer is on its way out, boo! I’m getting excited to shop for some new clothes for my best girl. Look at these cute outfits from H & M. I mean seriously, so adorable!

And since I’m kind of picky, well let’s be honest, i’m really picky about baby and children’s clothing.  I’m so happy to see some stylish AND affordable options out there . Don’t get me wrong, to each his own. The truth is that I’m just not into most of the stuff I see in the stores regularly. For example: kids clothes that are powder pink or blue, have licensed characters, cheesy words/phrases, appliqued animals(i.e. dinosaurs), cars, trucks, sports insignia etc… You get the point. Sorry if this offends anyone. I realize we all have our own likes and dislikes when it comes to fashion. Obviously there is a demand for pouffy pink dresses and football t-shirts or they wouldn’t exist right? My feeling is this, what Violet wears is a reflection of me and my taste since i’m the one dressing her everyday. So I usually buy things for her that appeal to my own sense of style and color. Not to say that everything she wears is something I would wear. But I do take pride in searching for, making, and buying her clothing.

And now that we’re having a boy i’m realizing how many more options girls have for simple, classic outfits. What’s the deal with that? If I see one more onesie with the phrase: “Daddy’s #1  Fan” I might freak. Thankfully I have friends with boys who have graciously given me some great hand-me-downs. But i’m totally new to the world of boy clothes so any of you that can share some wisdom in this area i’m all ears!

Ok friends, I will now officially step down from my soap box :) Thanks for indulging me. By the way, i’m 38 weeks. I know. Time is ticking. Nesting is in full throttle. Expect a post, with a picture. Of me that is :)

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  1. Natalee says:

    Oh wow…you must really HATE my kids clothes. I think they have ALL those things you were talking about, except Keric never wore a shirt that said “Daddy’s #1 Fan. :) I will certainly try to remember what to look for when I send a baby gift. :)

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