my new addiction

This is what’s been distracting me from dusting every inch of my apartment this week. I love, love, love my new Kindle! Collin bought one for me for my birthday and it’s the greatest device. Seriously, if you don’t have one consider getting one. Unless you already have an iPad which is cool too of course :) But as far as e-readers go this is the one to have. I thought i’d really miss a physical book, the smell, turning the pages, etc… but so far I haven’t missed it one bit. Right now i’m reading this:

Which i’m really enjoying! Probably too much since i’m due next week and I should really get back to my preparations. Have you read it? I’m sure i’m one of the last hold outs. I’m definitely planning to see the movie too. There’s a chill in the air today which makes me excited for fall. I think this weekend i’ll make some pumpkin chocolate chip bread, yum! Have a great weekend everyone.

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3 Responses to my new addiction

  1. Elaine says:

    I got a Kindle for my birthday in July. I love it so much! In fact, I’m reading a library book right now and I kind of wish it was on my Kindle. I read The Help back in August on my Kindle. Good read.

  2. Natalee says:

    Yea! A Kindle! Thanks for helping to keep Chris in a job! ;)

    I just finished “The Help” about a week ago. I loved it, but cried through most of it… apparently I have too many hormones right now. :) I haven’t seen the movie yet, but maybe this weekend.

  3. Lynn says:

    Glad you’re reading “The Help” – hope you finished it before Simon came :) . We’re STILL waiting for the movie to come to Powell – sheesh.

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