Simon’s Birth

So I have a few minutes, both kids are napping. Which is no small thing :) I thought I’d briefly recap Simon’s birth story.
He was born on Collin’s birthday which is fun. What a great birthday present, a baby! Definitely beats the lame store bought cake and button down shirt from H & M waiting for him at home. So here’s how it all went down:

My OB stripped my membranes a couple days before my due date(My due date was the 21st)and that definitely got things “going” a bit more. I was having contractions all week, but they were so irregular. My OB was on call at the hospital on the 22nd so she said just come in and we’ll break your water and that should do the trick.
So we went to the hospital at 7pm and soon realized why September is the most popular month to have a baby. The waiting room on the labor and delivery floor was slammed. We waited an hour and then my OB came out and told us to come back at 10pm and hopefully there would be a room open. So we made the best of it. We stopped at Wendy’s had frosty’s and fries. Then we walked around and before you know it two hours had passed. We headed back to the hospital. Unfortunately not much had improved. Not only were there no beds in L&D, there were no beds on the recovery floor, yikes! So we were sent home :(
We were definitely disappointed since we had gotten ourselves excited about having a baby soon. So we headed off to bed that night feeling a bit discouraged. Well it turns out Simon was determined to be born on the 23rd. Around 1:45AM my water broke all over my sheets, pillows, floor, bath mat, etc..gross!
So I called my OB and we had a good laugh about it. She said to wait a few hours and then come in and hopefully it would calm down there. Sure enough my contractions got more regular and closer together. We got to the hospital around 4:30AM and only waited a few minutes before I got a room.
The timing of everything else is kind of a blur to me now. Sometime mid-morning one of the residents checked me and I was 5 cm along. I was getting pretty tired and the contractions were getting uncomfortable so I got an epidural. Heavenly. A couple hours later she checked again and I was only 6 cm. I seem to plateau at 6. I did with Violet too. So Collin and I rested and waited for the pitocin to work it’s magic. My OB stuck around an extra few hours hoping I would be ready to deliver soon but she has delivered 10 babies the night before and was exhausted so she went home. I was a little sad but knew she left me in good hands.
Sometime around 2PM I felt pressure and was checked again. Sure enough I was 9 cm. Only one cm left. The new attending OB came in around 2:30PM to check me one more time and I was ready.
He said he had a feeling things would go quickly this time around. I had my doubts since it took me an hour and a half to push Violet out. But he said: “let’s do a practice push”. So I pushed and he said: “see, I told you. The head is right there. I bet you can have him out with a few more pushes”. What? I know, crazy! Especially since it took an hour and a half to get Violet out.
So he got suited up and I pushed a few more times and then at 2:42PM we had ourselves a new babe! Much to everyone’s surprise he weighed in at 8 pounds 9 ounces. Who knew I had such a big boy inside me?
I’ve heard lots of friends say labor, delivery, and recovery are so much easier the 2nd time around. Turns out they were right!
Simon is such a sweet little guy. So mellow and happy. Violet seems to really love him. Well except when I’m nursing, which is often. So that’s hard sometimes when she’s upset but we take things a day at a time around here.

My mom is here this week and Collin’s mom was here last week. So Violet has been getting spoiled with candy, ice cream, cookies, etc… We’re enjoying an indian summer around here. We’ve been taking lots of walks around the park and soaking up warm sun. I’ll post more soon about the grandma visits but right now I think it’s time for another walk outside :)

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One Response to Simon’s Birth

  1. Katie says:

    Look at that pic – He is such a sweetie! So glad the second delivery was such a breeze!

    Interesting tidbit about September being a popular delivery month – I was at St. Luke’s just a week after you had Simon and the triage area was PACKED. The nurses were going nuts and saying it was the busiest day in months. Now it makes more sense. I had to get this dinky IV for an infection and I felt so bad taking one of the beds when all these poor women in the waiting room were going through contractions.

    Can’t wait to meet him! Hope the transition to two is smooth.

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