Elmo cupcakes

Violet will probably figure out soon enough that if she sweetly asks her dad for something, she will more often than not get it. Here she is asking her dad for an Elmo cupcake.

And here she is devouring said cupcake.

Surprisingly (or not) she had no ethical qualms about eating her favorite Sesame Street character. Although about halfway through when Elmo had deteriorated into a mumbled mess of red and white frosting, she said, “Where Elmo go?” He’s in your tummy, Gingher. “He’s in my tummy?” Yes. And your hair and your shirt and your pants and the table and your chair…

By the way, the cupcake is from Ruthy’s Bakery at Chelsea Market.

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  1. Aunty Caits says:


  2. Lynn says:

    Too cute! Love her little blue coat :)

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