Field Trip:Children’s Museum of the Arts

It’s been a while since i’ve done a field trip post!

Last week we took advantage of the donation time from 4-6pm on Thursdays and made the trek down to the CMA in the village with Violet’s friend and upstairs neighbor Arden and her mom Jenn.

The girls had a great time messing around with playdoh, drawing with chalk, painting, building blocks, playing in the giant ball pit, sliding down the slide, playing with magnets, the possibilities were endless…

My apologizes for the blurry photos. It’s Simon’s fault. He’s a wiggler and trying to contain him and take pictures at the same time is quite the feat!

We lost Violet’s hair clip somewhere in the sea of kids almost as soon as we got there so her hair was all over her face for the rest of the afternoon :(

We had a great time and i’m sure we’ll be back soon!

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