Simon-6 months

I know. I can’t believe it either. 6 months, really? Where has the time gone? These are some of the things I love and want to remember about Simon at this age:

-His huge infectious smile.

-The way his face lights up when he hears or sees Violet, so priceless.

-How enthusiastically he jumps in his bouncy chair. 

-Discovering his toes for the first time and subsequently trying to get them in his mouth at any opportunity. 

-The way he grabs my face to pull it closer to him, then wraps his chubby arms around my neck in the wee hours of the morning when I go in to feed him. He acts like he hasn’t seen me for 10 years. I seriously look forward to seeing him at 1am just for that extra cuddle. So sweet.

-How desperate he is to be mobile. He gets so frustrated that he lacks the skills and strength to crawl, poor guy.

-The way he smiles and stares at his dad. He loves to get his attention any way he can. I have a feeling they’re going to be tight once he gets older.

-How good he smells. Except when he poops. We started solids. No more sweet smelling mushy yellow breast milk poop. Sniff, sniff.

-His curiosity and excitement for life. I love it.

We love, love, love our boy. Thanks for joining our family little guy. We couldn’t imagine our lives without you!




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2 Responses to Simon-6 months

  1. deb says:

    Now that is an adorable baby. I love recording little memories like this, and reading those of others always makes me smile. That 1 AM greeting is so sweet!

  2. Lynn says:

    He is seriously so adorable. Thanks for posting his cute pictures. Can’t wait till we see him again!

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