Easter Sunday

These photos are my failed attempts at getting a family picture. We got to church too early(I know, it couldn’t believe it either, we are NEVER early) to find someone to take our picture all together so these are what we’re left with.

Lynn(Collin’s mom)sent these cute matching sailor outfits for the kids. Which was perfect because I had no time to make them Easter clothes since we just moved. Violet’s favorite color is blue so she was thrilled to put on her dress. Simon grows like a weed and seems to grow out of things faster then I can keep tabs on. I literally stuffed him into his romper. I even had to loosen the wrist openings to get his fat arms through the openings :) Oh sweet boy, so chubby this one.

Violet got a few little toys in her Easter basket this morning. Including the stuffed blue macaw bird she’s holding in the first picture. Rio, is her favorite movie right now. She watches it everyday. And she knows every line. Blu, the blue macaw is the main character and she was thrilled to have him and of course wouldn’t dream of putting him down for a minute :)

This year stake conference fell on Easter sunday, which let’s be honest, is kind of disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and have enjoyed stake conference may times but there’s just something about an Easter sunday sacrament meeting with the choir and all the little boys and girls dressed up in their Easter outfits. I missed that. But at least it was a beautiful day outside right?

On the walk to church this morning I made the comment to Collin that it smelled like fresh flowers and springtime outside and he said: “it smells like allergies to me” Hahaha. Poor thing. I hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful Easter sunday!

I just finished watching this video. If you haven’t already watched it, you should now. It’s a perfect reminder of what the Easter season is all about.


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  1. Lynn says:

    Now that is a good-looking family! Thanks for letting me see how stunning those babies look in their sailor outfits :) .

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