Field Trip: Highline Park and Daddy’s office

Last Friday was beautiful and we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and head downtown for some errands and then lunch with Collin, hooray!

Our first stop was the Strand Bookstore. We love that place. Violet has been asking for her own copy of Harold and the Purple Crayon for a while now so I thought it was time to get her one. We also picked up a few other books and a baby gift while we were there. Then it was time for a little exercise. We stopped at the playground in Union Square so Violet could play for a bit. Simon was napping :)

Swinging, her favorite (note: Most of the newer playgrounds here have swings for disabled children. Violet thinks they’re cool and always prefers them to the regular ones.)

She always loves the idea of this slide but never musters up the courage to actually slide down it :) She was content just climbing up and down the rock stairs.

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch with daddy! So we walked over to the Highline Park. Click on the link for more info on the Highline if you’re curious.  The high line is right next to his new office building. In fact someday soon his building will have direct access to the Highline once construction is complete. So amazing!

We met up with Collin and found a bench to sit on while we ate our picnic lunches.

After lunch Violet said: “I want to run.” And run she did. One of the best parts of the Highline is that it’s one continuous walkway, with no cars, so she can run to her hearts content. 

There is a section of the Highline hear 14th street, right by Collin’s building, with fresh water streaming. Violet was super excited when we discovered it. Even thought it wasn’t hot out by any means, she insisted on removing her shoes and splashing through the water.

Simon was so good. He loves sitting in the stroller and looking around.

Collin’s office is incredible. I wish I had some pictures…next time. We enjoyed meeting all of his co-workers and seeing the beautiful space where he spends his days. All around a fun day. I have a feeling we’ll be back soon!

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