stop, drop, and roll

Last week at Playgroup one of the mom’s taught a lesson on fire safety which included a quick visit from our local FDNY firemen with their big red fire truck!

The kids were over the moon. Heather taught the kids a few fire safety tips including the oldie but goody: “stop, drop, and roll”.Violet didn’t want to practice but a few of her friends really got into it.

Here’s Violet’s friend Connor, who LOVES fire trucks, demonstrating his new stop, drop, and roll skills.

Then it was time to explore the truck! Violet was pretty excited about seeing the fire truck up close, but being the cautious girl that she is, preferred to observe everything from a safe distance :) Here’s a few of her friends “riding” on the back of the truck. Sweet little Connor! He’s all decked out, ready to put out a fire. How much do you love his homemade oxygen mask? ┬áSo adorable. Please, let Simon love fire trucks too :)

It was drizzling rain the whole time we were outside which was disappointing but it could’ve been worse right? I finally convinced Violet to take a picture with me. Begrudgingly, she cooperated :) Afterwards the firemen handed out coloring books to each child. Violet was thrilled.

All in all, it was a really fun day. We felt so lucky to have such friendly firemen who were willing to come talk to a bunch of preschoolers about what they do and show them their truck. Three cheers for firefighters!

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  1. Yes, three cheers indeed. If you catch my backdraft. Too much?

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