Sweatin’ it out at the Hippo Playground!

My dear friend Whitney and her family are moving…cue the tears and sniffles. I’m pretty much in denial about it.

Ellie and Violet are good buddies and Whitney is a good friend to have during these sleep deprived, mother with young children days. She has been wanting cross off a few NYC adventures off the old bucket list before moving to Ithaca in a couple weeks. So we picked the hottest day last week, 97 degrees with 70% humidity to be exact, to “schlep” ourselves, our kids, and all our stuff to Riverside Park for some fun at the Hippo Playground. It’s my favorite playground in the city and thankfully is almost completely in the shade :) But let me tell you friends, the shade with no breeze is only slightly more bearable then the direct sunlight in this kind of hot, sticky, miserable heat. As soon as we got there Whitney said: “Are we nuts to do this today?”…The answer is most certainly yes, but by then we were commited!

So here we are trying to make the best of it. We encouraged the girls to stay in the water area as much as possible to keep cool. Of course all Simon wanted was to be held. I love him like crazy but it was WAY to hot to snuggle! Why isn’t he like this at home in the air conditioning? You can tell it’s crazy hot, because my glasses are practically sliding off my face.

Here’s one of Whitney and the girls :)

The girls are trying their best to keep that hippo nice and cool!

Here’s Simon, baby Wren(Ellie’s sister), and Whitney’s grandma who is visiting. She was such a good sport!

Violet was dying to ride on the swings. But once she realized how hot it was out of the water she quickly changed her mind.

Friends…we’re going to miss you little Ellie!

The walk back to the subway almost did us in. Whitney spotted this place across the street on 94th street and Broadway. It has the most delicious frozen custard slushy treat. I got the Gelati:

It’s an Italian Ice on the bottom with custard on top. Delicious! It was the perfect snack before heading back outside and down into the inferno, also known as the NYC subway system in the summer time.

Thanks for getting sweaty and gross with us Hardie family(minus Joe)! We’re sure going to miss you guys :(

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3 Responses to Sweatin’ it out at the Hippo Playground!

  1. Aunty Caits says:

    oh my heavens the pic of ellie and violet is too cute!!!

  2. Oh wow, that was such a crazy adventure. We’re going to miss you guys so much! You’ve been the best adventuring partner ever. Our girls walking the Brooklyn Bridge together will always be a highlight of my memories here. Love you Jen!

  3. Lynn says:

    Made me sad to see you losing such good friends. The pictures are so adorable – your kids just get cuter and cuter.

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