Happy 1st Birthday Jay!

Last weekend Simon went to his first birthday party. His little friend Jay turned one and his parents had a small get together at the Safari Playground in Central Park. Here’s a few iPhone pics to commemorate the occasion:

Here are the boys(left-right: Atticus(born in November), Jay(birthday boy, born in August),and Simon(born in September). There are a couple other little guys who were all born within months of these three that were out of town. It’s so fun to have so many little friends to play with. Now if we can only get them all to stay in the city… I wonder who will still be here when they all turn 3?

It was nearly impossible to get a shot with all 3 babies standing up and looking at the camera, but we did our best. I think Atticus is my favorite baby, next to Simon of course:)  My friend Whitney nailed it when she said that holding Atticus is “like hugging a soft, squishy, teddy bear.” He’s a big guy! But he’s so sweet, a gentle giant if you will. Simon loves to chase him down and hug him whenever he’s near by. 

Lyle and Ciara kept it simple for a 1st birthday, which is always best since the guest of honor won’t remember it :) But Jay loved his cupcake! I can’t wait to see what Simon will do with his birthday cupcake. Miss Violet was relieved when we finally took it off her tray. Too messy! To this day he doesn’t want her hands to be dirty or sticky. Some things never change :) Simon loves to get down and dirty so I bet he won’t be shy about digging right in.

Happy Birthday Jay! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you.

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2 Responses to Happy 1st Birthday Jay!

  1. erin says:

    So fun to catch up on your last several posts! I loved the Disneyland pics especially. I feel so lucky to be across the hall from your cute family.


  2. Ciara says:

    jay made the blog?! woohoo! excited to see you goes at simon’s bday tomorrow (coincidentally) ;) So glad to catch up with your blog. Not sure how you do it with the kiddos, but maybe I can catch up on mine someday ;)

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