The Haircut

Sweet little Violet got her first official haircut a few weeks ago. She was so good. Our friend Reagan graciously agreed to come to our place to cut both Collin’s and Violet’s hair. Violet watched Collin get his cut very intently. She had been really nervous about it. She was convinced it was going to hurt. But once she saw that it was neither painful or scary she proudly announced that she indeed wanted to have a haircut and wanted to to know when it would be her turn :)

She had a really hard time holding still. Mostly because she kept giggling. Her hair was SO long! I forgot to get a before shot. But Reagan cut a healthy 2-3 inches off for sure. I don’t know how she managed to get it even with all the wiggling going on but she worked her magic and in minutes Violet had herself a new do!

And before you ask, yes that is a table with a highchair stacked onto of it in the background. I promise we’re not hoarding furniture :) We actually got a new dinning table and so we were in the process of selling the old one. Anywho, I digress, here’s a couple after shots:

It looks great. Thanks for being so patient with our girl Reagan, you’re a real gem!

P.S. Sorry for the blurry pics. I might have had a case of the giggles too.


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