Simon’s 1st Birthday!

This little bug had a birthday and learned to walk all in the same week! I can hardly believe he’s a year old. Where has the time gone? Fastest year of my life for sure. I love this picture of him. It’s so fitting for his personality. Crazy and sweet all rolled into one :)

We had a small party with some of his “baby friends” who came over to help celebrate. We had all kinds of snacks and cupcakes of course and lots of balloons to chase around.

Once he caught sight of those bananas he immediately wanted out and was trying to figure out how he could get to them.


After snacking and playing it was time for cupcakes! 

It was about 8 seconds from the time Collin set the cupcake down on his tray to it’s complete destruction. I’m not confident that much if any actual cake or frosting made it in his mouth. He was way more interested in smashing and throwing it. In case there was any doubt, this kid is 100% boy.

After cleaning up the aftermath of his cupcake we moved on to presents. He was pretty tired and cranky by then but we made it through.

Here’s a few things I want to remember about our boy at this age:

-We should’ve named him George, after everyone’s favorite monkey Curious George. He is the busiest, most curious baby you will ever meet.

-His favorite foods are bananas, sweet potatoes, cheese sticks, goldfish crackers, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, apple sauce, and yogurt. He has a huge appetite and is hungry for a meal anytime of day.

-He keeps us on our toes! He is constantly injuring himself. Fingers, toes, face, teeth, etc.. you name it. Just today he woke up from his morning nap with a bloody scratch on his forehead. Who knows how that happened? 

-He loves Violet more then anything else in the world. Well except for doors, or anything that he can open and close. He once spent 20 minutes opening and closing the gate in our kitchen. 

-He loves the playground and being outdoors in general which isn’t surprising for our little explorer.

-It’s safe to say that bath time is his favorite part of our daily routine. He loves nothing more than to splash around and pull Violet’s hair.

-He is such a sweet and friendly guy. Always giving hugs and a tiny pat on the back to me, Collin, Violet and any baby he can find. 

-His “vocabulary” isn’t quite up to Violet’s at this age(she could say and point: “eee’s a ball at 12 months) but he is starting to do some babbling like she used to and he does say a couple words like: “mamamama(one continuous word when he’s trying to find me) and dada. He claps, laughs and screams. Boy can he ever scream!  

-He went through a bitting phase, which fingers crossed, is over. He used to crawl over specifically to bite my leg, ouch!

We love our little Simon so much! He has brought so much joy and energy to our growing family. I love seeing my kids interact and even if they only “play” with each other for 2-3 minutes at a time now, it gives me a glimpse into the future of how they will be together someday. It’s so special and i’m glad they will always have each other.

Happy, happy birthday Simon!

*Special thanks to all of Simon’s little friends(and their mom’s) who came to celebrate with us. You guys are the best!


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