O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Thanksgiving weekend we drove up to Shelton, CT to the Jones Family Farm to cut down our Christmas Tree! I volunteered to watch our good friend’s Volvo for the week so we had the perfect car for Christmas tree adventure. It is a lovely little Farm about an hour and a half outside the city. Our next door neighbors and good friends told us about it and i’m so glad. Every tree is $63 no matter the size. Which was a decent price since we paid about $75 last year when we bought one on the street corner here, just a few blocks away.

Don’t let Violet’s face in this picture fool you, we had the best time. It was a beautiful day, 52 degrees. Perfect for picking out our tree. Ever since we watched The Lorax a few weeks ago, she has developed a new fear of trees getting knocked down. So we were a little concerned that the whole cutting down out own tree ourselves aspect of this trip might send her into a melt-down :) But we talked about it on the ride up and she seemed to be ok. Once we got there she was very excited about all the trees. When we found ours, she was still a bit nervous that we were hurting the tree by cutting it down(hence her face in the picture)but she definitely wanted to take it home so she decided that it was in fact ok to let Collin saw away at it. Here are a few photos from the day:

Violet, overseeing the tree cutting process.

Simon enjoyed walking around, exploring the great outdoors.

Once the tree was cut down it was time for a quick picture and then back to the car.

There was a special machine that they pulled each tree through to wrap twine around it to get it ready for the trip home!

Then Collin channeled his inner “Clark Griswold” as he tied the tree to the old station wagon :) We made a quick stop at Wendy’s for lunch and then it was time to head home.

We wasted no time stringing up the lights and trimming the tree. We got to work as soon as we got home. As you can see Violet was and is still inlove with her tree. She reminds me every morning that the tree is thirsty and that we need to get it some water. 

This is the best time of year and we’re so excited for our first Christmas in NYC. This will be Violet’s first year where she is old enough to really experience Christmas for herself. It’s magical to see the traditions of the holiday season celebrated through the eyes of a 3 year old. The count down has begun!

*sorry about the foggy quality of the¬†pictures. I’m suspicious that my iPhone camera has a scratch on the lens :(


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