Half way

I’m 20 weeks along which means i’m officially half way through this pregnancy. Maybe it’s just me but the first half flew by! I remember being at the half way mark with Violet and feeling like I couldn’t possibly wait another 20 weeks to meet her. But this time around, i’m good with another 20 weeks :)

Don’t get me wrong, i’m getting more and more excited everyday to meet our new little family member. Which by the way, we have the anatomy scan scheduled for next Tuesday so hopefully this baby will let us see if it’s a boy or girl. Hooray! But all my efforts are of course centered on our current posterity. And she is one small bundle of energy! When we first found out I was pregnant immediately felt anxious about Violet and if she would be ok being only 2 and a few months old when the new baby is born. But I can now confidently say that particular fear has since faded. She has grown and developed leaps and bounds since December. She changes every day honestly! And as the months pass I am more and more convinced that our timing is right on. I know it will be hard for the first couple weeks for all of us. It’s to be expected. But I’m mostly so excited for her to have a sibling, friend, playmate to spend her days with. I love watching other children play with their siblings. ┬áIt’s a bond like no other.

It’s funny how quickly you forget what its like being pregnant. You wouldn’t think so and maybe it’s just me. And maybe it’s because this one has been so different from the first. Much easier! And bigger too, yikes! I was still wearing normal pants, with the top button undone mind you, at Violet’s anatomy scan. Not this time friends. I’ve been wearing elastic waisted maternity pants for a whole month now. Oh boy… But if this easy going pregnancy is a sign of an easy going baby all I can say is: hallelujah! Violet was not at all sure she liked it much in the outside world for the first few months of her life. And I think that I can safely speak for both Collin, and I when we say that we wouldn’t be disappointed in the least if this new baby decided to have a better attitude about joining our family :)

I’ve done a terrible job of documenting my current expansion project or “mama’s baby” as Violet says. If we’re being honest i’ve pretty much tried to avoid it all together. But I know i”ll regret it later if I don’t have any evidence. And just to prove to you that I wasn’t kidding when I said i’m bigger. Here’s me at 20 weeks with Violet:

And now:

Told you I was bigger(sorry for the weird angle, iPhone pictures taken by me both times).Thankfully my teenage boy sized appetite has slowed down to a more reasonable one so hopefully, fingers crossed, I won’t gain much more then I did the first go around. But it does make me wonder what i’ll look like when i’m pregnant with #8?…

That was was a joke. Just thought i’d clarify in case anyone(Collin) thought I was serious.

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5 Responses to Half way

  1. Elaine says:

    Cute! Baby bumps are fun before they get enormous and uncomfortable. It’s interesting how women get bigger with later pregnancies.

  2. Jen says:

    It’s interesting and cruel at the same time :)

  3. Natalee says:

    Very cute! :) I can’t believe you are half way done…wow!

  4. Aunty Caits says:

    so cute, and don’t even worry, i have an appetite of a teenage boy alllllll the time- permanently- i am jealous your appetite decreased a little- mine hasn’t and im not eating for two!
    you look beautiful as always
    cant wait to meet the little one- i already have so much love for the little nugget- violet will be an amazing older sister- i couldn’t have wished for a better older sister growing up, and still ;)

  5. Lynn says:

    Eight is a nice number :) . You look great, as always!

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