It’s a…

Well, any guesses?…

Ok fine.

It’s a boy. No doubt about it. He was pretty proud to proclaim his gender to us this morning. I won’t say I told you so but I kinda did :) Call it mother’s intuition or what you will but I just tend to have a sense about these things. We’re excited to meet him and see what a boy version of Violet looks like. How awesome would it be if he had tons of dark hair like his older sib? But we’ll love him even if he’s bald. Don’t judge me but these shoes are already in my shopping cart at

I know. They’re adorable. Now all we need is a name and we’re all set! Um, maybe not but thankfully we have several months ahead to prepare. Three cheers for babies!

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4 Responses to It’s a…

  1. Linda says:

    yay for boys! i’m so excited for you guys. i love baby boys!!! yay!

  2. Abbie White says:

    sweet! one of each – jackpot! he’s gonna be adorable, i’m sure. i mean violet VIOLET…how can he not be adorable when he’s related to her?

    p.s. love the title of your mother’s day post. and so glad you got some spoilin’!

  3. Aunty Caits says:

    get the checker shoes for sure! get them both, they are soo cute.
    ugh a boy violet- going to be soooo cute….i dont know if i can handle more cuteness and amazingness in the fam——
    miss you all and cant wait to meet babes numero 2- he and i will have things in common
    violet has some of your qualities in that she is a very determined little girl when she plays- i often remember playing whatever role you made me play when we would play dolls/house—i have a feeling little bro will be playing whatever role violet tells him ahha :)
    cant wait

  4. Natalee says:

    Congratulations!! I gotta say…I LOVE my little boy! :) I was scared to death when they told me he was a boy, but there is just nothing better than a Mama’s boy! :) Congratulations, and you HAVE to get both of those shoes!! It’s just a must! LOVE THEM!


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