Saltwater Sandals

It seems like everyday someone is asking me where I got Violet’s sandals. So i’m going to tell you in case you are dying to know.

They’re Saltwater sandals and I LOVE them. I had a pair as a kid and I have a pair now that i’ve had for 4 years and they’re still the most comfortable sandals I own. They’re pricey for kids shoes, but they’re the only sandals I’ve purchased for her all summer and they’re built to last. Plus once they get wet they mold to your feet so they’re perfect for the playground. They’re great for girls and boys too. And come in a variety of styles and colors. I bought Violet’s online at but you can also find them at or┬áNordstrom just to name a few.

So there you go. Buy a pair. I promise you won’t regret it.

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